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Since 1977

Since 1977, Production Logging Services, Inc. has been providing the Western United States, from Colorado to California, with quality and dependable wireline services.

From its humble beginnings, PLS has provided superior wireline services with an impeccable safety record. All employees are very experienced, highly versatile and motivated to bringing the best services and value to all of our customers. We specialize in cased hole logging, with a major focus on Radioactive Tracer Surveys for E.P.A./State M.I.T. compliance. Though our major focus is Radioactive Tracer Surveys, we also specialize in all types of cased hole logging, perforating and pipe recovery. We work with customers in helping to facilitate the best course of action for any type of scenario, on all types of jobs. With a portable mast, cranes and workover rigs are not always necessary for rig up operations, but can be used in conjunction with them, if the job calls for it. For any questions, quotes or consulting services, please call, text or email any of our employees listed in the contact information.




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e-line services


Flowing Wells

Rod Pumps

Electrical Submersible Pumps

Open Hole

Water Hold-Up Surveys

Radioactive Density Surveys

High Resolution Surface Readout Pressure Surveys

Step Rate Testing

Spinner Surveys

Correlation Surveys

Gamma-Ray Surveys

X/Y Caliper Surveys

Noise Surveys


Single Zone

Multiple Zone

Open Hole

Annular Surveys

Water and Gas (CO2; Natural; Nitrogen)

E.P.A./State M.I.T. Compliance (see E.P.A./State M.I.T. Compliance page for more info)

Wireline Set Packers

Wireline Set C.I.B.P.’s 2-3/8” tbg. - 7” csg.

Dump Bail Cement

Pipe Recovery:

Tubing Jet Cutters

Tubing Chemical Cutters

String Shot


1-3/8” Tubing Guns to 4” Casing guns

Squeeze Holes

Circulating Holes

Casing Perforations

Pump-In Tracer Survey:

Channel Detection

Mechanical Integrity: Packers; Liners; Casing Shoe; Top Perf.

Lost Circulation

Disposal Wells (see E.P.A./M.I.T. Compliance page for more info)


Warrior Data Acquisition Software

Reduced O.D. Tools - 1”, 1-3/8”, 1-11/16”

5000 P.S.I. pressure rating

Grease Injection/Well Fluid Containment

Portable Derrick - Workover Rig/Crane not required for most wells

Slickline Unit

Slickline Unit

mechanical Services


Braided Line

High Pressure Capability - 5000 P.S.I. working pressure

Injection Valve Work

Gas Lift Valve Work

Tubing Plugs - Full line of Otis & Baker Plugs

Tubing Broaches

Wax Cutting

Gauge Rings

Impression Blocks

Fishing Tools


Hydraulic Pump Retrieval

Sand Bailing

Pressure Surveys - Electronic Memory Gauges


Reduced O.D. Tools - 1”, 1-3/8”, 1-11/16”

5000 P.S.I. pressure rating

Grease Injection/Well Fluid Containment

Portable Derrick - Workover Rig/Crane not required for most wells


E.P.A./State m.i.t. compliance

Depending on the class of injection well in operation, federal and state agencies often require M.I.T. - Mechanical Integrity Tests to be performed periodically. There are standards for M.I.T.’s, but it isn’t always a “one size fits all” and PLS specializes in helping the customer to design and execute whatever M.I.T. best fits and meets all requirements set by the governing agency. We mainly work under E.P.A. Region 8, but travel anywhere we are needed. We have experience with geothermal power generation injection wells and offshore platform injection wells, also.


e.p.a. m.i.t. region 8 (co, mt, nd, sd, ut, wy & 27 tribal nations)

The E.P.A. has strict guidelines on what is to be included in the M.I.T. test and designing a program to meet these guidelines can sometimes be confusing. PLS has extensive experience working under the E.P.A. Region 8 M.I.T. guidelines and we work with customers on designing and executing a program that meets all requirements set by the E.P.A.

There are two parts to the M.I.T.

PART I - INTERNAL MECHANICAL INTEGRITY is an assurance that there are no significant leaks in the casing/tubing/packer system. This is typically accomplished by doing an annular pressure test. See E.P.A. guidance regulation website for more details.

PART II - EXTERNAL MECHANICAL INTEGRITY demonstrates that after fluid is injected into the formation, the injected fluids will not migrate out of the authorized injection interval through vertical channels adjacent to the wellbore. This is typically accomplished by temperature logging and/or radioactive tracer logging. See E.P.A. guidance regulation website for more details or call/text/email a PLS representative for help.

Part I - II -

Part II - Temperature Logging -

Radioactive Tracer Logging -

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State compliance

If not regulated by the E.P.A., whatever state the well is operating in, is governed by the state. State standards must meet or exceed E.P.A. standards, so often times, a state program will closely mimic E.P.A. standard guidelines. PLS will work with you, the customer and the governing state agency to design a program to satisfy all requirements.

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geothermal injection wells & offshore platform injection wells

Geothermal power generation requires underground water injection, which is regulated by the state or E.P.A., depending on the location of the well. PLS has extensive experience working in geothermal injection wells and designing a program to demonstrate sufficient mechanical integrity. PLS also has experience in partnering with offshore wireline companies to service injection wells on offshore platforms. Again, depending on the location of the platform, they fall under state or federal regulation. For assistance on designing a program or for questions regarding a project proposal, please contact a PLS representative via phone/text/email.